Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

CPRT (or Filial Therapy) is a 10 session program that teaches parents how to conduct play therapy sessions with their children at home.


Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

Play therapy creates a bond between the child and therapist that allows the child to open up, explore and change. The bond between and parent/caregiver and child is typically far deeper and therefore a parent conducting play therapy sessions with the child can result in even better outcomes. CPRT is conducted over 10 sessions with the parent/caregiver, either one-on-one with the therapist or in a small group with other parents. Participants are taught the basic skills and principals to conduct regular play therapy sessions at home. The child does not attend the sessions, but rather the parent/carer conducts play therapy sessions with the child in between CPRT sessions so that they can bring questions and feedback to the therapist what they are seeing as they learn.

Helping children heal through play

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